As we know that there is lots of issue happen when you are a owner of a house or a building like Water leakages is main issues out of them. It could be damage our building or decrease age of our buildings. As we know that water leakage happen due to some pipe broken, some time high water pressure of water and blockage water pipes etc. Here is some point to help to resolve water leakage problems.

Water leakage Repairing in Dubai

Identifying the Leak : 

  1. Visual inspection  : We have to inspection our all pipes may be that could be broken because we can easily identify if there is any water running outside the pipes.
  • Monitoring water bills : we can check last few month water bill and compare each bill if that will increased then we can think and major why it increased. Because if consumption increased then water bill increased.
  • Professional inspection tools : We can use water leakage dedicators tools to dedicate water leakages because some in underground leakage we can dedicated easily so we have to use some professional tool to found water issues.

Types of Water leakage:

Plumbing leaks : Mostly 2 types of leakages happen in building

    1. Faucets and fixtures  : Faucets and fixtures leakages happen due to rubber sheet cutting or any valve sheet damage in tap after this tap is regular leakage drop of waters from taps.

    2. Pipes and connections : It happen leakage due to pipe broken or some loose pipe connections. So always water leakage happen evertime.

    Roof Water leakage

    1. Missing or damaged shingles : When few Shingles damages or lost and for this pressure or issues leakage start in our roof.

    2. Flashing issues : Flashing help to protect our roof but some time it not happen properly then water leakage started near Chimney or roof valley.

    DIY Repairs :

    Here some of water leakage we can fix by ourselves here are few of them.

    1. Fixing minor faucet leaks : Here we can fix the faucet leaks help of changes water tap, water valves or some rubber sheet if required.
    2. Patching small pipe leaks : Some time we feel pipes are broken or having some small holes, then we can patch it and stop to water leakages.
    3. Sealing roof leaks temporarily : if water leakage is from roof then we can seal it and can stop temporary water leakages. But if big or large area then we have to hire plumber or any handyman to fix it.

    Professional Repairs

    Some time water leakage not fixed by ourselves then we have to hire a professional to fix it and when we hire a professional then we have to keep some point in our mind

    Water leakage Repairing in Dubai :

    if leakages related to plumbing area like water pipes, taps or bathroom or kitchens then we have to hire plumber to fix it.

      1. Before hire plumber we have to keep in mind what kind or work we needed. So we have to hire related professional also check their feedbacks or previous work what plumber has done before.
      2. Cost considerations : if he is okay with work then we have to discuss cost related to their work and compare some more plumber what they charges.

      Consulting a roofing contractor

      If leakage related to roof then we have to hire roofing contractors to fix that issues. Because roof leakage issues only can solve by them and keep mind before hire any roof contractors.

      1. Evaluating the extent of damage : first clear all point about damage roofs and how to fix it and how much time will take.
      2. Obtaining repair estimates : clear about quotes, time and check their previous work if they have completed.


      Hope you understand some point what should we do when we feel some leakages in our house. You have to hire proper and experienced plumber or roof contractor to fix the leakages. Here if you are living in Dubai then you can contract with Thinker Technical to Water leakage Repairing in Dubai.

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