We all take our AC in Dubai for granted until it stops working. AC’s are so much more than temperature control devices, they are also the main supply of “fresh air” into the house. Unfortunately “fresh air” sometimes means, moldy ducts and unhealthy air circulation.

This issue is made worse by sand-filled AC coils that make the AC run incredibly inefficiently. For the safety of your home and the efficiency of your electricity usage, you should consider one of our services.

  • AC Duct cleaning: cleaned using an advanced motorized device with mounted camera to ensure we get everything.
  • Smart thermostat upgrade (such as nest and honeywell
  • AC maintenance: All AC systems require specialist gas to operate. Over time, the gas depletes and must be toped
  • AC Repair: Sadly, nothing lasts forever and AC components are no different. It is common for compressors to break down, requiring emergency repairs and in some cases, replacemen
  • AC Installation: Customers are making greater use of the space in their homes by upgrading areas such as garages into environmentally controlled workshops requiring full AC installations