Blocked sinks are usually caused by waste food and liquefied cooking fats that solidify in the drains. The blockages are usually within easy reach, enabling our technicians to use their specialist ‘drain snake’ tools to good effect. Where the blockage is more substantial, we can apply our hydro jetting machine. For blocked toilets, the culprit is typically excessive paper; no match for our equipment. If the blockage is within the main drainage systems beneath the house, our jetting systems can remove root invasion and most of the domestic causes of drains being blocked.

blocked and clogged drains
  • Taps and sinks - dripping and leaking
  • Showers and tubs - repair, installation
  • Toilets and disposals - clean clogging sewers
  • Unblock bath tubs
  • Unblock main drains
  • Unblock sinks
  • Unblock showers
  • Unblock bath tubs
  • Unblock toilets
  • Unblock main drains
  • Unblock A/C drainage pipes
  • Unblocked toilets